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Western Crete Excurions

A collection of selected small group excursions taking place in the Western part of Crete during the winter.
  • Kallergi Refuge, Chania

    Kallergi Refuge - Chania, Kallergi, Omalos, Xiloskalo, Agia Irini, Epanochori, Kambanos, Sougia, Rodovani, Palaiochora, Kandanos, Chania
    We start our day trip at 9:00 o clock in the morning from Chania heading towards Omalos. Before Omalos we follow an off road route up to Kallergi refuge at 1700 meters altitude where we make a stop around 10:15 of 15 minutes for photos and admire the Samaria Gorge from above and the Lefka Ori Mountain range tops. Afterwards we follow off road route for 20 minutes up to Xiloskalo at the beginning of Samaria gorge, where we make another stop of 15 minutes for photos.
    From Omalos we continue our day passing through Seliniotikos giros route and heading towards Sougia where after 1 hour of driving and around 13:30 we make a stop of 2 hours for lunch and get rest, enjoying the sea view of south part of Crete.
    Around 15:30 we depart from sougia and take the direction to Palaiochora we pass through some traditional villages with nice views. After 1 and half hour of driving we arrive at Palaiochora, we drive around Palaiochora and at 17:15 we stop for one hour drinking a coffe or raki close the sea.
    Around 18:15 we depart from Palaiochora heading towards Chania from another route through the village of Kandanos, Voukolies and arriving at Chania approximately at 19:30 -20:00.

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    The tour includes: Guide-Driver during whole tour - Private VIP Jeep Commander 7 seated - Liability insurance and VAT - Coffee with Snack - Lunch - Pick Up Drop Off.
    Our Tour: Covered Distance: 250 km - Altitude dif: 0 – 1700 meters. - Duration: 11 hours approximately.

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  • Trekking & Gorges

    Come with us and explore Crete’s diverse landscapes of high lush plateaus amid imposing mountains loaded with flora and fauna, historical sites, breathtaking scenery, quiet beaches and spectacular gorges. It’s a hiker’s paradise and the best way to see the real beauty of Crete. To participate in our seasonal, weekly trekking, we do not require any professional levels of skill in mountaineering or physical condition but relaxing touch to your vacation. For all our activities, there is no timetable, we can arrange whatever you need.

    Our suggested trekking routes... Walk in the footsteps of giants, our walks are those of past memories of the 1945 evacuation of British, Australian, New Zealand Allied Soldiers and troops that head for their rescue boats to carry them to safety, after the 1941 Battle of Crete.

    Loutro – Livaniana
    The graphic route to the old village of Livaniana is one of the many great trekking paths of Loutro. The village of Livaniana is very old and only a few people still live there. Walking there offers wonderful views of the Libyan sea.
    Walk – Easy approx. 1 hour ( excl. transport time )

    Livaniana – Aradena
    A magnificent route, that on passing the ancient church you will be located at the middle of Aradena’s Gorge. From there we commence with a walk to the ancient village of Aradena.
    Walk – Easy approx. 1.5 hours ( excl. transport time )

    Aradena – Marmara
    This route was considerate as one of the most difficult, but recently they made a path which made the whole route easier. The suggested route is to start from the beautiful beach of Marmara and head upwards to the abandoned village of Aradena. The magnificent nature will fascinate you.
    Walk – Medium approx. 2.5 hours ( excl. transport time )

    Marmara- Loutro
    At the beach Marmara there is a local tavern with amazing local specialties to taste. From there you can take the path back to Loutro. You will pass from the village of Lykos and then from the Phoenix. The whole route is near the sea, offering great views and a cool sea breeze.
    Walk – Easy approx. 1.5 hours ( excl. transport time )

    Loutro – Glyka near – Hora Sfakia (Sweet Water)
    A route mainly to emphasize the coastline of the E4 path. On the way there is a magnificent old church next to the sea. At the beach Glyka Nera you can relax at the canteen and drink some beverages. From there you can continue to the Hora of Sfakia through a unique route close to the Libyan sea.
    Walk – Easy approx. 2.5 hours ( excl. transport time )

    Sfakia – Anopolis – Loutro
    Maybe the most historical route that Crete has to offer. This route is used by ancient Greeks over 1000BC. You can start from Sfakia making your upwards to Anopolis and then down to Loutro.
    Walk – Difficult approx. 3.5 hours ( excl. transport time )

    Don’t forget… Bottles of water, athletic shoes, sun cream, hat, sun glasses, snacks, camera, change of clothing and swimwear

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  • Cretan Traditions

    A wonderful opportunity to explore the natural culture & history. Overwhelming local traditions with exceptional wildlife. An off road advenuture that combines unique tastes of the Cretan wines, in the well known vineyards of Crete. The renowned gorges, mountains and lush planes that offer exceptional wildlife. The tradtional lifestyle of a shepherd’s “Mitato” all waiting to be explored.

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  • Cretan Tastes

    The hidden secrets of Cretan long life, are revealed through the Cretan Diet in this unique cultural tour of Olive Oils at Terra Creta Olive Oil Dispensery. The award winning olive oil distrupter has succeed in the most highest ranks of first class awards worldwide. A tempting exclusive tour that offers a day full of rugged off road adventure, uncovering the local Cretan Vineyards that tantalize the taste buds of each passing participant. Its unique warm body wines full of fruitful aroma concludes the day with wine tasting. A wonderful opportunity to explore the natural culture & history. Overwhelming local traditions with exceptional wildlife. An Off Road Cretan Life Adventure...

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  • Botanical Park, Chania

    Chania's Botonical Park has a unique walk that uncovers the hidden secrets of the Cretan Diet, true nature and ripe vineyards. Three wonderful choices & tastes to this tour.

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  • Chania Jeep Adventure

    Our day is the perfect way to explore the rocky mountains of West Crete, with beautiful gorges, plateaus, magnificent views and places where only at the back of a Land Rover could be visited. Heading towards the Gorge of Therisso, our journey begins..

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