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Eco Events

EcoEvents is a new enterprise which was created with love and passion by its founders, to satisfy both the special needs of the visitors in Crete and to feature the simple daily values and habits of the people of Crete.
EcoEvents specializes in ‘Theme Trips’ that is it organizes tours to unknown to most people places, so as the visitors can experience and understand the culture of the local people and their main occupations, such as ‘Harvest Tours’, ‘Raki and Wine’ production,’ Cheese and Rusk’ production,’ Honey and olive oil’ and so on.
EcoEvents has actually created a new, unique service in the tourism Sector of Crete, covering a great space vacancy in every Agent and Tour Operator’s Excursion Department.
Eco EventsEcoEvents also offers services for
• Taylor made Events
• Groups and Incentives
• Conventions & Seminars
• Hotel Marketing and Consultation
For more information about the company, please visit www.ecoevents.gr


Eco Trip in the Rethymnon Region (Ref: EXEE001)
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The purpose of this trip is for the visitors to get to know a part of the real Crete by going to places you wouldn’t visit unless the local people took you there. You will experience the wild beautiful in land and you will get acquainted with the residents, their occupations and activities, their habits and lifestyle.
As in our everyday life we start our day with a breakfast - our first visit is the traditional bakery of Mrs. Maria where we can see and taste the bread, cookies and of course the paximadi, the traditional rusk, made in the wood oven.
Art is also part of our excursion today; in the village Axos lives a sculptor, Mr. Georgios Koutantos who makes giant wooden sculptures; he uses dead trees from all over the island, brings them to his workplace and makes big statues of them, all inspired by Greek and Cretan history. Have you ever seen a 3 meter high sculpture of Hercules killing the Lion of Nemea?
A very old monastery is next in our trip as religion is part of the Cretan culture. The Monastery of St. George of Dioscuri is considered one of the oldest monasteries on the island.
Our next stop is a traditional Cretan cheese factory. There we are going to see the process of making cheese – the famous ‘’FETA’’ and ‘’GRAVIERA’’. Everything is made in the traditional Cretan way by the family which runs this small cheese processing industry.
For lunch, we will go to the top of Psiloritis Mountain, the highest mountain in Crete of , great historical importance. The visit there is exciting. The feeling of eating fresh lamp grilled over charcoal in the traditional way –OFTO- in the nature along with the shepherd and the local people, is marvelous.
On the way back we’re going to have a stop at Margarites. This is a picturesque village where you will have the chance to come in contact with the traditional Cretan lifestyle, to meet locals, to walk through the cobblestone streets, to get familiar with the ceramic art for which this village is famous, and to take your last photos as the best souvenir of this unforgettable trip.

Eco Day Out with Art and Cretan Cuisine Classes in an Atelier-House near Rethymnon (Ref: EXEE002)
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For artists and creative people, as well as groups for artistic seminars,
The house itself is located in Prines, a village in North Crete 7km from Rethymno and 3km from the sea, overlooking the north port.
The purpose of this trip is for the visitors to learn about Cretan art history and to take part in a lesson about the Minoan art. Guest will learn about the methods that were used to create such wonderful and inspiring pieces of art. The art lesson will focus on textile art with the Minoan motives and wall paintings. At the end of the lesson the guests can take their own creations with them, as a Cretan souvenir to remember their short but meaningful visit to Prines.
This art lessons will take place at the Atelier-house and will last for 2 hours.

After the art lessons we can stretch our legs with a walk around the village of Prines, where we can discover the Cretan Nature, and see and feel what life in a traditional Cretan Village really is like.

It is well known by now, that the Cretan diet is beneficial towards a long and healthy life.
Coming back from the walking in the village to the Atelier-House we shall experience the ‘SECRETS’ of Cretan cooking.
Together with the lady of the house we are going to start cooking lessons in the kitchen of the house.
Our traditional healthy Cretan recipes will be as follows:
• Gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs)
• Cretan Herb pies
• Tzatziki (made from fresh yogurt, cucumber and garlic)

After the cooking lessons we can have a dinner all together with all the food we made as well with other Cretan meze end Salads and taste some excellent local wine, while taking in the scenic views and enjoying the atmospheric conversation of the day’s activities.

This is a day that will be remembered long after your trip, and it is an experience not to be missed….

Be Cretan for a night in the Rethymnon Region (Ref: EXEE003)
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Pickup’s start from Panormo, Rethymno and Georgioupoli
Our first stop tonight will take you to Gerani beach, Gerani beach itself is located approximately 7km’s west from Rethymno town centre and is a short walk away from Gerani village. Once here you will get to see, and interact with a traditional instructor of Cretan folk music and living, this will prepare you for the night’s adventures ahead...
Let your spirit soar, discover the true way of Cretan living, soak in the excitement of dancing and binging on the world’s healthiest Cretan Food. Enjoy the sounds and smells of this unique island to their full extent.
The “be Cretan for one night” program is taking place in Gerani village in a very authentic dated Cretan house, recently and beautifully renovated, full of the history and tradition that Cretan culture has to offer. Τhe mansion "STARAS" itself was built long before 1850. Taking a tour of the mansion will see how a family lived in Crete, 200 years ago.
• Appetizers: Tzatziki/Ntakos with tomatoes feta and olives/season salad/broad beans.
• First Course: Traditional Cretan “wedding pilafi” with village lamb.
• Main Course: Stella’s home farm chicken with tomato sauce and fried potatoes.
• Desserts: Fruits/yoghurt with Cretan herbs honey/Raki.
*Unlimited red and/or white wine, with water will be served on the table.
The full event will start at 19.30 and will last until 23.30.
It takes place every THURSDAY

Cretan Flavours In the Heraklion region (Ref: EXEE004)
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1st pickup from Sissi/Malia area at 08.15.
It is well known by now, that Cretan nutrition helps the long and healthy life. Necessary ingredients of a healthy formula are the local products, as well as the olive oil and the wine.
Today we shall experience the ‘SECRETS’ of cooking along with wine and olive oil tasting and we shall adopt some known original Cretan eating habits.
We depart from the Heraklion Hotel area at 10.00

1st stop - we visit at a modern olive oil factory, where we can see the olive trees, the oil production procedure and taste 5 different qualities of olive oil

2nd stop - a vine-yard; we walk through the plantation and try several wines made from carefully selected varieties.

3rd stop  - Katalagari village, we stretch our legs walking around and then in Chrisanthy’s Green back yard with beautiful panoramic views, we’ll have
a) Cooking interactive lessons [ exhibition/demonstration ] by Mrs. Chrysanthy and
b) a wonderful lunch with homemade Village food from the Landlady of the house.
Our menu will be as follows: Starters: Ntolmadakia, Ntomatokeftedes (tomato balls), Tzatziki and Greek village salad. Main course: Roasted pork in the wood oven with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. As a desert, there will be the unique orange pie or apple-pie with raki. Red or white wine and bottled water will be also served on the table.

4th stop - the last one, will be in Arhanes village at 16.00 hours. We’ll visit a Minoan mill oil factory, have a raki and at 16.45 we return towards our hotels. Returning time: 17:00


For more information and booking for any of the above excursions, please use the form on our contact page, giving the reference number of the trip(s) that you are interested in and in which resort (area) you will be staying. Thank you.