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«Travels in the Minoan Civilization»

Visual Arts ProgrammeThe programs are especially designed for adults and seniors, but are also ideal for a whole family activity. They inform people about the Minoan civilization through a theoretic and experiential approach. First the audience is informed with visual aids, conversation and narrative media. During the experiential part we suggest a series of visual arts exercises that make the participants create things about the theme that we are discussing, but with room for improvisation and free self-expression.

The programs have a duration of two and a half hours. The theoretical part lasts half an hour and the experiential part two.

Materials are provided by the programs’ creator. Their cost is included in the price.

The programs are designed and implemented by Maria Tsouknaki, visual artist, theatrologist and storyteller.

The Programs - «Travels in the Minoan Civilization»

    Theoretical Part: A tour to the centers of Minoan Civilization through the archaeological findings. Knossos, Gortyna, Faestos, Zakros and Lissos are the places where the Minoans lived and created. We explore the architectural structures and objects that inform us about the Minoans achievements in architecture and living conditions.
    Hands-on Part: We construct buildings with paper pulp and natural materials like stones, wood, sand, and paper, inspired by the archaeological findings.
    Theoretical Part: A journey in the Minoan colour landscapes and the colour gamut they developed through the wall paintings and the ceramics. Symbols, shapes, motifs, lines and drawings show us the direction through the colours’ magical labyrinth.
    Hands-on Part: Our designs are inspired from the Minoans’ colour palette using natural dying materials and techniques that aim to reproduce wall paintings. Creativity and fantasy meet with style and finesse that are the basic characteristics of the Minoan wall paintings and ceramics.
  3. « THE PEOPLE»
    Visual Arts ProgramTheoretical Part: You will see the clothes, the jewelry, the hairdressing and the style of the Minoan people in their everyday life through the wall paintings. Together we explore their dress code, their style and the aesthetics of a much defined community.
    Hands-on Part: We construct simple clothes using paper and cotton following Minoans’ dress code. Then we decorate them with motifs, colours and other materials creating our unique Minoan style.

About the program's creator

Born in Athens, 1969 and studied painting with Theodore Pantos from 1985 to 1988. She completed her fine arts studies at the school of Massana in Barcelona.
From 1991 to 1994 she studied set design, costume design and stage lighting at the Higher Drama School at Catalonia, Barcelona. She continued and perfected her studies at the University of Paris 8, St. Denis,Paris (1995-1997 theatrical studies department).
She worked often in Paris, in set-design, stage lightning and costume design. She also worked as a technician at the Grande Halle of Villette in the installation of exhibitions and theatrical performances (1996).
She has been a member of the avant-garde group ICI MEME (Paris 1996-2000), which is known for adventurous urban art installations and brave interpretations of city life in a style that combines caustic commentary with a poetic sense of everyday life. With the team from ICI MEME she has participated in numerous festivals and community events in France and abroad.
She worked as set and light designer in Spain (Barcelona), France (Paris, Greece (Athens, Chania, Rethymnon) in the 22nd edition of the Renaissance Festival of the town of Rethymnon (decoration of the city).
She teaches art for Kids and adults the last 12 years and she designs special art and culture programs for Kids and adults.
She has had three personal paint exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions within Greece and in other European locations. Her paintings are bought by private collectors.
She is a founding member of the art association kat-ART-I and member of the Greek Artists.
She is the artistic director of the Festival of young creators who is taking place in the villages Koufi and Argyroupolis in Rethymnon, Crete thae last four years.
Since 2000 she has been living and working in Crete (Rethymnon).

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