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Crete International Visual Arts StudiosCrete International Visual Arts StudiosDrawing and Painting Courses

with Visual Arts Crete

Our popular Drawing and Painting sessions continue to run during the winter from January to March 2015, based in the village of Kastellos, 10 km south of the historic and lively town of Rethymno.

Kastellos is a small agricultural hill village surrounded by olive groves and oak forests, with fine views of the Cretan mountains – both Psiloritis (Rethymno Prefecture) and Lefka Ori (the White Mountains of Chania).

Historically the island of Crete was a hub in the Eastern Mediterranean where east and west were plaited together. The island’s central prefecture of Rethymnon is therefore rich with Minoan, Ottoman, Byzantine and Venetian heritage. Wherever you find yourself, you will never be far from a site of archaeological and cultural significance. Our courses will focus on some of these sites as starting points or extensions to your visual explorations.

Our emphasis is on lucid and expository instruction, initially to develop confidence through observational drawing and painting skills; subsequently working to expand and encourage more personal and individual responses. You will be helped towards a achieving a deep, rich and lasting visual awareness through working with a range of media.

‘Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see, to see clearly that is, which means a great deal more than merely looking with the eye’. – Kimon Nicolaides

  • You may be just starting out on your artistic journey and need clear instruction in the use of media and technique, as well as time in a fresh and stimulating environment to help develop your work.
  • Perhaps you are already a practising artist or teacher and in need of a period of quiet, creative reflection to help facilitate a change of direction in your own work.
  • If you are a student of Art, you may wish to broaden and strengthen your portfolio before applying to a new university course.

Whatever your starting point, at Visual Arts Crete you will be welcomed by experienced and qualified tutors who will guide you towards achieving your artistic objectives.
Sessions are normally for a minimum of 3 hours .
Please contact us using the email addresses and tel no below to discuss your individual / group requirements.

Further information on ‘Who we are’ can be found on our website www.visualartscrete.com - and also on our Facebook page: Visual Arts Crete.

Contact: timhuntersaville@gmail.com, janicehuntercrete@gmail.com – tel.+30 28310 41403.
  Tutors: Janice Hunter, BA Hons Fine Art, MA Design, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
Tim Saville, BA Hons 3D Design, Camberwell School of Art, London, UK


‘Art seems inexhaustible.
It demands and repays more and more attention.
It deepens at every contact.
It glows at a different angle according to when and where it is experienced.
And you look at the world differently afterwards’.

David Hare


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