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Winter Walks and walking excursions on Crete

Walks and walking excursions on Crete in wintertime. If one wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Crete has to offer and get first-hand experience of the Cretan culture, then winter is the best time of the year to walk on the island. After the falling of the first rains in early autumn, the gentle winter on Crete makes flowers and plants & herbs flourish in all their splendour. During wintertime and in early spring Crete, with its snowy mountain peaks, is at her best.

Walks and walking excursions on Crete in wintertime. Besides the fact that one can walk several of Crete’s famous gorges, our walking tour program offers our guests to walk and wander over old donkey and ancient footpaths while enjoying the unspoilt countryside. We visit picturesque villages, which haven’t lost their authenticity yet and where one gets the feeling that time stands still. It is here where visitors can meet with the local people and their hospitality as well as with their rich cultural and historical heritage.

We organize walks and walking excursions both accompanied by a multilingual guide who can provide you with a lot of information about the flora and fauna, culture and history of the island. During all our walks and walking excursions we will enjoy a coffee in a traditional coffee house (kafenion) and our ‘walking guests’ will be offered a small glass of raki. All of our walks and walking excursions will end with a meal / lunch in typical Cretan tavern.

The walks and walking excursions are suitable for everyone, for the experienced as well as novice walkers, for young and old. When you are interested in our walk excursions, the emphasis will not only lie on the 'walking' aspect; it is a combination of 'walks' with several visits which are culturally and historically tinted, optionally combined with short workshops. As a ‘walking guest’ you can decide for a more or less active walk with more or less natural beauty, culture or history. The contents and the pace are up to you. We advise you to wear good shoes and socks to avoid blisters and other foot injuries. We walk with a minimum of 4 and with a maximum of 8 people.

Imbros Gorge.

In the past this gorge was the only road that connected the rugged, inaccessible mountains with the southern coastal region of Xora Sfakion. We start in the village of Imbros which is situated at an altitude of 600 meters. Here we find the entrance to the gorge which is open all year. The walk of 8 km is not difficult; it takes approximately 2-3 hours and is very suitable for children. At the halfway mark we pass beautiful narrow passages between high stone walls and continue our walk along ancient mule tracks. A little later we will arrive in the abandoned village of Komitades. Still we have to walk a short 2 km to finish our walk in the coastal village of Xora Sfakia, where during the World War II the last British soldiers were rescued from Crete. We will end our walk here with a beautiful lunch and return home.

Mili Gorge.

Not far from the town Rethymno lies one of the most magical and charming gorges of the island: the gorge of the water mills - Mili. All year round water flows in small streams down the gorge and is therefore rich of vegetation and one of the greenest gorges of Crete. In the gorge we follow narrow paths and we cross the water where the river is at its narrowest. In the gorge we find the remains of more than 20 water mills which were used for grinding grain and pressing oil. We pass a cemetery, several small churches and the abandoned village in which there is one place that is still inhabited, namely the cafe of Vangelis.

Patsos Gorge.

For the adventurous types among us, this gorge is definitely one that stimulates the heart, mind and body. We start our walk in the village Patsos in the Amari valley. At the beginning of the gorge we pass the church of St. Anthony which is situated in a cave. The guide can tell you about the incredible miracles that have taken place there in the past and about the Minoan period which extends beyond the beginning of our era. The first part of the gorge proceeds on easy path ways. Perhaps there is a possibility in spotting birds of prey such as buzzards, falcons and vultures trying to find thermals while climbing in altitude. We descend to the river bed, almost dry in summer, but in wintertime and early spring containing deeper water passages. The gorge has wooden bridges to overcome the more difficult water passages and for support there are at some places ropes attached to the rocky walls. An adventurous walk, but certainly not dangerous. The walk is 8 km. and takes about 3 hours.

For more information you can contact us on the following telephone number and e-mail address:
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Walks and walking excursions on Crete in wintertime. Walks and walking excursions on Crete in wintertime. Walks and walking excursions on Crete in wintertime.


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