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Cretan Cooking with Koula

Cooking with KoulaGoing on holidays and eat the local dishes is something that is like an A.B.C. But learning how to cook the local specialties is a new adventure and here on Crete you can make this experience.

Cooking with Koula is an activity for tourist and locals; it’s a chance to make a special day on their holiday destination. The Cretan Kitchen is famous as the healthiest of Europe, maybe for the entire world. It’s based on fresh ingredients, like vegetables, meat, greens, herbs, fruits and virgin olive oil.

With Koula you will notice that everything that she uses is fresh, some from her own garden and that she designs a menu that fills your stomach but is balanced in every way.

Cooking with KoulaAll completed with a good glass of wine, a nice dessert and of course a family atmosphere.

Cooking lessons take about 2-3 hours and can be arranged on any day you like. Minimum is 2 persons, but also singles are welcome, because maybe you meet new friends at the lessons.

A lesson cost 40,00 euro p.p. and this includes the lesson from Koula, the prepared meal that we eat afterwards, the wine and dessert and the recipes, so you can make the meal again at home for your family and friends.

The lessons are in Chania area, students are requested to meet Koula there. Detailed directions or meeting points are given after your reservation. In case you need transfer to meet Koula, feel free to request transfer rates, give us information from where and when.

Koula is the writer from several books about the Cretan Kitchen; some of them were published in the U.S.A and Canada. They are for sale in English at the lessons.

Ask for more information via the contact form.

Cretan cooking with KoulaCretan cooking with KoulaCretan cooking with Koula


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