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Cretan Cooking Seminars - Rethymnon

Dear all

Xenia - cooking seminarsMy name is Xenia, I am 42 years old and I was born in Athens where I lived until 4 years ago. Then I moved to my place of origin, the amazing island of Crete, near the town of Rethymnon, with my family, my husband and my now, 5 years old, son and our dog.

Before coming to the island, cooking was my most favorite hobby, I was very happy whenever I could invite friends over and cook for them all the recipes I had learned from my grandmother and my mother or the ones I created myself and share with them the “secrets” of Cretan cooking.

When we moved to Crete and finished building our house I decided it was about time I got fully involved with my big passion and make it my main occupation, so for the last 2 years I offer cooking seminars on Cretan and Greek cuisine in general.

Xenia - cooking seminarsThe lessons are taking place in my home, which is situated near the most beautiful and picturesque village of Margarites near Rethymnon. I am so happy to share with my guests/pupils the amazing scenery, since I live in a stone house among the olive trees (from which I am getting the olive oil I use in my recipes), the cypress trees, typical tree of the region, and my garden, where I grow myself many of the vegetables and herbs we use in our cooking, creating dishes full of the aroma and taste of the traditional Cretan recipes, such as stuffed vegetables, boureki - a traditional dish from Chania made with vegetables, cheese, mint and some kind of pastry on top; absolutely delicious, rabbit with onions in tomato and wine sauce, various kinds of legumes such as lentils, black beans in red sauce, fava beans etc. (one of the secrets of the so healthy and nutritious Mediterranean diet), and various kinds of pies, cheese pie, spinach pie, sfakiani pita a special kind of pie with cheese which is very thin, like a crepe and is served with honey and many, many other recipes which not only you will enjoy but also learn how to create them on your own to offer them to yourself and your loved ones!

As it is well known the Mediterranean climate offers the possibility to enjoy the sun and the warm climate even in the winter time, so many times after the preparation of the food we all sit outside to enjoy the fruits of our work and with a glass of Cretan wine, get to know each other and take the pleasure of enjoying our lunch by the beautiful nature. If the weather conditions are not so inviting for the outside scenery then there is plenty of room inside the house to enjoy our lunch, surrounded by the stone walls and the big windows which create the feeling of still being in the outside area .

So, that’s more or less all about me and my cooking lessons.

I look forward to teach and share with you all the amazing Cretan tastes knowing that this experience will remain a vivid and delightful memory to hold and share!!!

Best Regards
Margarites - Rethymnon

For more information and details about the seminars, please send us the contact form.

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