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Kouritos House - Margarites, Rethymnon

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Kourites House, Margarites, Rethymnon || rooms: 8 || sleeps up to 23. Rooms can be rented individually

The Kouriton House is an authentic stone built lodging, dating back to 1750 a.d. Restored with respect to its history, the house is located in an unparalleled natural setting, blended with historical and cultural heritage. This hospitable house is suited for holiday makers, gatherings and a meeting point with the tradition, culture and agriculture of Crete. The house is located near the village of Margarites, which is well known for its ceramics.

The House offers accommodation facilities for 23 persons and can be used as centre for a variety of fieldwork activities on culture, agro tourism and education.

A fine stone-built country manor of 1750, classified as historical. It has been preserved for its traditional architectural structure, typical of the Cretan design stemming from prehistoric Minoan mansions.

The architectural morphology has been preserved in elements such as: The old stove, the carving on a rock reservoir, the stone basins and parapets, the wooden lofts, the clay chimneys and the unique stands along with their ancient jars.

On the ground floor there is the Oven-house "Dimitra" which includes an entrance-living room with long abbey-type table, ceramic earthenware jars, an appartment with two beds and a fireplace, a show-room with ceramic artifacts, a double room with a traditional-textiles showroom. There is also a room with two stone beds.
On the first floor there are four traditional rooms with antique beds and furniture Each one of these rooms is for three or four persons each room.

Kouritos house is also the seat of the Eco Museum 'Kouritia Odos', covering a selection of Cultural Routes and 'The Taste of Psiloritis'. See our excursions section

This accommodation is ideally located for pottery classes, hiking, gastonomy classes and much more.

A hire car is considered essential for this accommodation

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