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Studios Neli


West Crete - Chania

WinterInCrete.com - Studios Neli, ChaniaIn one of those exquisite and romantic lanes visitors can find the traditional hotel "Studios Neli". It consists of four separate buildings, three of which are on two floors and one on three floors. They date back to 1840 and are constructed in accordance with the Venetian architecture including at the same time some elements of the Turkish architecture, as well. In the past, they were used as residences.

WinterInCrete.com - Studios Neli, ChaniaThe current owners have gradually bought those buildings, joined them and repaired them preserving their original form to the greatest possible degree.

The traditional hotel "Studios Neli" has its entrance at the picturesque and quiet "Isodion" lane. It is situated 50m away from the "Sintrivani Square" at the Old Harbour and 300m from the city-centre, the Municipal Market Square.

One can find a great variety of shops all around the hotel. Supermarkets, small tourist shops, coffee shops, taverns and restaurants, chemist's shop and commercial stores to serve all visitors. In addition, the hotel is also 300m away from the public bus station (KTEL) and 100m away from the central taxi square.

Today "Studios Neli" consists of 15 studios and 3 apartments, each one of them being characterized by a unique style.

All of them offer those modern facilities required by a visitor. They are equipped with bathroom, kitchen with a fridge, television, autonomous air-conditioning, telephone, PC and Internet connection, safe, coffee-machine and all rooms have balconies. Some of the rooms overlook the especially picturesque lanes named "Isodion" and "Agion Deka", while some others the magnificent full of palm-trees paved square known as "Patriarch Athenagoras Square" or "Mitropoleos Square", as it is the place where the sublime and grandiose Metropolitan Cathedral of the city of Chania rises up.

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WinterInCrete.com - Studios Neli, ChaniaWinterInCrete.com - Studios Neli, ChaniaWinterInCrete.com - Studios Neli, Chania