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Long Term Rentals in Crete

It appears that there is a demand for long term rentals during the winter period, whether it is to escape from long and cold Northern winters or to experience a more ‘colourful’ Crete or get involved with the Cretan lifestyle.

Our accommodation listings are generally for short stays (days, a couple weeks) and the prices will reflect this. However, most of the property owners would be happy to provide ‘very special’ offers if you were to spend 4 weeks or more in their property.

If you are interested in spending longer in Crete, please fill in the contact form, providing us with details such as:
• How many people will be travelling?
• Which is your preferred area?
• What is your budget?
• Will you have transport?
• The period for which you would like to stay.
• Any other additional information that would help us finding you the ideal property.

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