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Winter Hotels in the Heraklion Region

Keramos Hotel

South Crete - Zaros

WinterInCrete.com - Keramos Hotel, ZarosWinterInCrete.com - Keramos Hotel, ZarosZaros is a big village on the southern slopes of the highest mountain on Crete, the Psiloritis or Ida.(2456 meter) The village is famous on Crete for bottled water, everywhere on Crete you’ll see the bottles from Zaros. Only in the village you can find the trout farm and if you like sweet-water fish than make your choice from the fish tanks. Near Zaros is the Monastery of St.Nicolas, the only one on Crete where Monks and Nuns live together (separate rooms) Here you can also start with a walk through the Rouvas gorge which goes high up to the Ida. Matala, Phaestos, Gortina, Vori folk art museum, the Cretan wineries they are all around you and await your visit. The village Zaros offers a unique chance to make holidays with the Cretans, you are welcome in the summer and winter. Busses stop here regularly, but a rental car is useful here.

You will receive a friendly welcome in KERAMOS, a privately owned hotel in ZAROS, on the south east slope of the Ida mountain. Mrs. Katerina, the Lady of the house, will greet you with a delicious herb tea or a frappé whichever you prefer. You'll feel comfortable and welcomed in the warm friendly atmosphere of KERAMOS.

Strong solid furniture decorates the entryway, where you check-in; taking the elevator you'll get to the upper floors, where you can choose one of the spacious rooms; furnished with a small kitchen block, air conditioning, T.V., a shower and toilet. After your trip to the hotel relax and enjoy a restful night in KERAMOS. The first morning you'll be impressed by the wonderful view of the surrounding area of ZAROS.

WinterInCrete.com - Keramos Hotel, ZarosWinterInCrete.com - Keramos Hotel, ZarosEvery morning Mrs. Katerina will serve her well loved Cretan breakfast; she has been honoured for her cooking and baking ability both locally and on television. Come and enjoy her breakfast yourself! You'll love their offer: Tea made from herbs picked on the mountains of Crete, fresh goat milk, fresh eggs, thyme honey and the special pastries, among other things Chantros: a thick yoghurt with goat milk and wheat grain; Kalitsounia: a small pastry, Sarikopita: a spiral pastry made in olive oil. At your leisure explore the surrounding area, where you can spend restful hours and visit the cultural places.