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Winter Holidays and Activities in Crete

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Winter in Crete - Carnival in Rethymnon

Winter in Crete is a local enterprise set up to promote tourism on Crete during the so-called ‘out of season’ winter months. Our aim is to introduce people to this beautiful island in all its glory during the winter period, and to give people - tourists and foreign residents - the opportunity to discover and experience the real Crete that is so different from its summer sister.

Crete is well known as a perfect holiday destination for the summer. Visitors to this Greek island find sun, beaches, hospitality, beautiful countryside and a healthy Cretan kitchen. All these ingredients provide for unforgettable holidays and it's no wonder that this island in the Mediterranean has a big number of “return tourists”.

Winter in Crete - St Antonios GorgeThese tourists come back to “their island” where they feel at home, sometimes even more so than in their own country. Summer is the main season for the millions of tourists visiting the roots of Europe. In the meantime the winter season remains undiscovered.

Between November and April the tour operators leave the island in peace and that’s exactly the mood that many people are looking for in these stressful times. Crete lies in the subtropical parts of Europe; the climate can be compared with the Canary Islands of Spain, South Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. Winter in Crete offers you many sunny days, sometimes they are broken up by dark clouds or a short tropical shower giving nature the chance to recover from the hot summer.

This is not bad at all, as afterwards you can enjoy the most attractive face from Crete, its nature, that offers you a carpet of flowers, the highest mountains with snow on their tops and cities and villages that bring out daily life with all its social aspects.

Crete in the winter…..you should consider this possibility to enjoy this famous island in another season.

Winter in Crete - Christmas in RethymnonGetting here in the winter is not complicated. Although there are no direct flights yet to this beautiful island during the winter season, all it takes is flying to Athens or Thessaloniki and then take a domestic flight to either Chania or Heraklion. Both these cities have also ferry connections with Piraeus on the mainland.

What we offer on this site is a selection of activities such as pottery classes, winter walks, horse riding, Greek language, history and culture classes; accommodation such as modern and stone villas, boutique hotels and peaceful pensions, recommendations for sampling the Cretan cuisine, from the traditional to the modern kitchen and other services such as car rental, taxi hire etc.
In addition we can provide tailor-made holidays. We will be pleased to suggest ideas to complement your own and to organise the most appropriate programme to suit your interests, time and budget.
We are sure that once you have explored our site, you will be surprised how much there is to do during the winter and that your stay during the winter season will be an unforgettable experience

If you want more general information about our services, please fill in the Winter In Crete contact form.


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